Frequently Asked Questions after Arrests

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How do I find out if a specific individual has been arrested and is in custody?

Our hotline operators will have the most updated list of who we are tracking and whether we have confirmed their arrest and if they are still in custody. It can take more than 24 hours for the jails to process people, especially if there have been a large number of arrests.

Individuals inquiring about relatives or friends can call Morton County jail about specific people, and should stay in touch with the legal team. The courts will post all arrests and warrants on the following website:

How do I find out when someone is having a bail hearing?

Look on Morton County court docket or the docket in the applicable county ( The main counties to which arrestees have been taken are Cass (Fargo), Burleigh (Bismarck), Mercer, Morton, Stutsman, and Ramsey.

How do I find out when someone is having a court date (other than bail hearing)?

Everyone who has been released or arraigned was given a piece of paper listing the next court date. You may also find helpful information at: The legal team is also tracking arrests and upcoming courts dates.

Most water protectors have been advised to ask for a court-appointed lawyer, who are generally available to people making less than $40,000 annually. Arrestees should know that the courts may ask for income verification. Protectors can request a court-appointed lawyer at their first appearance or later in the process. A number of people have yet to be appointed attorneys, including arbitrary denials (many are related to incomplete applications) about which the ND Indigent Defense office has been speaking to judges, clerks, administrators about in an attempt to clear up.

I believe my civil rights were violated. What should I do?

The Water Protector Legal Collective has established a civil rights violation hotline that Water Protectors can call to do an intake and get information on civil rights violation. The CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION HOTLINE IS 701-595-0737.

Does the legal team defend all of the different camps?

Yes. We provide support for all Water Protected-related activity for all of the camps in North Dakota.